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It was so polite of Taylor Swift’s legs to let the rest of her come perform Shake It Off on X-Factor. THIS bitch. 

American Horror Story: Freak Show Is Magisterially Trashy

Best possible title for an AHS review.

.@jkehe FULL TILT NEWSROOM!!!!!!

This trailer for The Guest is so much shameless R-rated ASS KICKERY.

Turns Out Fake Adam Sandler Movies Sound Just Like His Real Ones | WIRED

UGH. Thanks, Netflix :(

Pharrell's New 'It Girl' Video Is Made of Anime, Videogames, and Sparkles | WIRED

Stop What You're Doing and Go to the Cosmos with This New Interstellar Trailer | WIRED


Jimmy Fallon and Sophia Vergara Switch Lips in the Best TV of the Week | WIRED

Last week’s BEST TV is still waiting for you!!!

Trailer Roundup: Jupiter Ascending Wows and Chris Hemsworth Hacks | WIRED

@jkehe She has NO SOUL, Jason!