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I will never have enough Angelina Jolie. I hope Maleficent is 5 hours long.

@gingerscott SPEAKING of Famke, Goldeneye was on last night. She is just beyond!

@gingerscott As long as Famke will be back, I promise to at least hate watch Hemlock Grove again.

@Waterslicer OITNB is on the scene! Trailer for season 2

Larry King gets special tabs on Hulu

Larry King gets special tabs on Hulu

I mean JESUS are you kidding me with this If I Stay trailer?!? It’s already too much.

All of Condé Nast Suffered Through a Reply-Allpocalypse Today

@SamOltman doing it for the fame

In case you were wondering what Haylie Duff is up to…

Ben Affleck is the most fortunate man. Jennifer Garner you are AN ANGEL.

Losing Jenny Slate from the SNL lineup too soon was a major bummer, so Obvious Child is just what the doctor ordered.